How to Write Content for Trending Topics without Being Spammy

How to Write Content for Trending Topics without Being Spammy

Businesses will always be on the lookout for new consumer behaviour trends. Trends is definitely a great way to latch your content development work on. This type of content will surely grab attention, cover new stories, provide an interesting spark to your content marketing strategy, and help give a platform for customers to base their thinking on. Developing content based on trends not only makes you look like a thought leader, but it can also earn you the image of a trend watching institution, which people gravitate towards.

So, here are a few ideas as to how you can develop content on such trending topics without coming across as irrelevant while at the same time not ending up in the spam folder of people’s inboxes.

Have Resources

The first step in creating great content-based trends is to actually follow different trends. Pick between trends based on the niche your business is related to, or micro-trends, macro-trends, geo-specific trends and global trends. Try to start with Google Trends and social media hotspots like trending topics on Twitter. Aside from leading news publications like IDB, ComScore, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, AllThingsD, The WSJ, TechCrunch and ReadWrite, several other sources are available to catch-up with. Since the list keeps growing forever, trend sources can be seen as moving targets. You can start with Trend Watching, McKinsey Global Institute, Global Trends, Time, The Economist, and a lot of other sources to keep you updated.

Global Trends


Call it blogging, content marketing or online marketing: What you are essentially doing is communicating. The content is the piece of message that is trying to teach, educate, persuade, excite, evoke action, remind, inform, engage, or just make someone’s day. Whatever be the case, you will need a message, a gripping title, and a structure for your content. These are the absolute necessities when it comes to creating content. While the message you want to communicate contains all that content, it must always start with a hook, which is essentially a title that can lure in more clicks and shares. Decide what goes into the message, attract or intrigue readers with a hook and most importantly, base the content on experience, analysis, intelligence and credibility.

Use Visuals

The growth of visuals as a communication aid is growing exponentially on the web. Visuals are a break from the standard text and are impactful, refreshing and great story-telling tools. According to a study, humans retain almost 65% of a message when being delivered with visuals. That is why the use of posters, infographics, video and memes has been growing and growing fast indeed. Visuals can be used to spread a message, narrate your band’s story, as well as drive a point home, inform and educate. When the image is related to the content, it will be even more impactful.

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