14 Ways to Discover Trending Topics

14 Ways to Discover Trending Topics

If you are struggling with finding topics to write about on your next blog post, it is time to add a few new sources of inspiration to your list of content marketing tools. Here are 14 sources for trending topics and news that can help you develop the next great content idea.

Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics help predict the topics which are about to emerge as trending topics. Visit the website, search topics by category and see trends for that topic over the past 15 years. Sign up for their newsletter to get the latest topics and news delivered to your inbox.

Muck Rack Trends

Muck Rack Trends mostly help journalists discover news trends by comparing keywords, names, topics and other additional information. Each analysis includes comparing articles over a specified period of time, the top media outlets and the top authors, for each term.

Google Trends

Google also offers insight into what the world is searching for on its search engine, including things like image search, Google Shopping, news search, and YouTube in the form of Google Trends. Subscribe to the Google Trends menu to get emails about noteworthy events on a certain topic as well as top daily searches for a specific region.

Taboola Trends: Trends in Native Advertising

Taboola Trends provides the user with the latest trends in images, topics, keywords and videos and is used mainly by native advertisers.

Feedly: RSS & News Aggregator

Feedly allows you to subscribe to and discover the best news sources on any topic. Subscribe to the top blogs and see what topics they are covering. You will be able to scan headlines and find trending topics and assess the social popularity of a topic by looking at the social metrics next to or underneath the blog post title.

YouTube Trending Videos

YouTube Trending gives an insight into the most popular videos and creators in the field of music, news, gaming, fashion and movies. If you need to create videos in order to supplement blog posts, it might help get in touch with what the 2 billion visitors of Youtube per month are watching.

Twitter Trending Topics

Trending topics of Twitter are now available on the Explore tab of both the Twitter desktop as well as the mobile application. See trending topics, followed by the most popular stories and news on Twitter.

Pinterest Trends

Pinterest has also launched a Pinterest Trends tool to help businesses get an insight into search trends on the site. It is currently not available to everyone, but you can get a short version of insights in the monthly Pinsights reports until it is.


HARO: Help a Reporter Out

HARO helps journalists get in touch with sources for stories in major media outlets such as the New York Times, Mashable, WSJ, and many others. You can sign up for free as a source to get emails about the stories journalists are working on before they get published. You can even sign up as a journalist to get references for blog posts.

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